Sunday, February 3, 2008


I went out last night with an Etown alum who lives in Shanghai; it went down exactly as I imagined being an expat in Shanghai on a Saturday night would.

For dinner, he and his wife took me to this pretty posh looking sushi place where we had to take off our shoes to sit down; they also invited along a couple other friends they knew. The sushi was great, the sake was sweet, and I liked listening to them talk about their different projects in Shanghai. All four of them know more Chinese than I do.

Then we walked down a couple streets to the Eager Beaver, which was full of expats; it seemed the whole area we were in was marketed towards foreigners. Directly across the street from us was Abbey Road, which looked like a Beatles themed bar. Back in the Beaver, I watched rugby on the TV and played some foosball; some guys started playing though who were way too hardcore about foosball, so I just talked to some more people, and observed the others in the bar. After one rolled around, I just grabbed a cab home.

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