Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Old and New

Outside a famous Peking duck restaurant in Beijing. Despite its fame, the restaurant was nestled deep in the hutongs, and you had to know it to find it- it wasn't a walk-past kind of  place. I love this picture because I find it hilarious that after going on this huge adventure through old alleys and hutongs, trying to locate this legendary duck resto, we find some business-y dude chatting away on a cell phone right outside its doors.

After all that, the place was so tiny it could barely accommodate our party of 30. (Okay, maybe we did have a large group.) Its walls were wallpapered with photos of all the famous dignitaries that had passed through, all of whom have this sort of, just-take-the-picture-and-let-me-eat-already look on their face.

I particularly enjoyed the photo of a chubby, post-vice presidency Al Gore. You go, Al, you get your duck on.

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