Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Have you been with pig recently?"

[I kid you not, that was a question on the entry form to get past Chinese customs.]

Ah, swine flu paranoia. Even though thousands around the world die from things like measles, malaria, and poor water sanitation, the Chinese government decided that swine flu was Enemy No. 1. As a result, every passenger flying into the country from overseas had to undergo these radar-y temperature checks by silly men in outlandish costumes. Yeah, it was annoying, but the suits are funny as hell.

Also, fun fact, that's my dad sitting next to me.

If the photo looks familiar, that's because Shanghaiist used it here and here.


  1. They've clearly update the form since I last entered China back in May.

    The forms were quite obviously hurriedly put together and the question was:

    "Have you been with pig recently?"

    Luckily we didn't get to meet the men in suits.

  2. You know what, I'd forgotten the precise wording- that's what our forms asked as well. Thanks for the reminder!


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