Monday, January 28, 2008


This morning started off wonderfully. I awoke around 5:15 to some questionable noises coming from the pantry; it sounded like someone was trying to pour themselves tea but no one was there. About half an hour later, I discovered it was a mouse or rat, who scurried everytime I moved in bed.

After a while, the rodent no longer feared me. He would run out, see me move, scurry back to his hiding spot, and then peer his head out over the edge and we would just stare at each other. In fact, once everyone woke up around 6:15 and turned on the light, he proceeded to create even more noise because now he had light to look for food. Mouse had a death wish.

Then I took a shower, but the hot water took about half an hour to prepare and then lasted all of about three minutes. It also came up only to my neck, so I had to kneel down a la Lost in Translation to try to wash my hair and ended up running my side right into the spout.

THEN I was blow drying my hair in front of the door because the excuse of a hairdryer I had, had a short cord, and my uncle banged the door handle right into the middle of my head.

Now I'm cold, it's sleeting outside, and I have nothing to really do all day. Family is coming over tonight, but other than that I may just wander about.

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